PostNord integration for e-commerce platform Starweb

What is the PostNord order connection for Starweb?

The order connection for Starweb connects your web store to a shipping solution, for example Skicka Direkt Business. The purpose of the solution is to automate parts of shipping handling, to free up resources and create a first class user experience. When your customer makes a purchase they are presented with several delivery methods in the shopping cart, and once the purchase is complete all details are sent to PostNord automatically. Your only task regarding delivery is to make sure the product is sent. You also get access to the Portal Business platform where you get a complete overview of all your deliveries, and the ability to manage customer claims and changes.

Starweb is compatible with Klarna Shipping Assistant and, consequently, our Klarna order connection. You can learn more about the solution here, and schedule a free demo:

Explore the Klarna integration

Why should I use the PostNord integration with Starweb?

No matter the size of your web store, odds are that there are solutions to make the store more profitable – the PostNord order connection is one of them. You have probably noticed that shipping takes a lot of time and resources, especially if sales suddenly increase quickly. By integrating the platforms you get rid of administrative and logistics tasks related to shipping, as they become automated.

The solution helps you tailor your service to the customer more easily, as the customer gets to choose how the product is to be delivered. Unlike when shipping is outsourced, the PostNord integration with Starweb is free to use – all you pay are the actual shipping costs.

How do I set up the order connection between PostNord and Starweb?

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get Skicka Direkt Business
    In  Skicka Direkt Business create a free company account.
  2. Create a plugin or express your interest

A plugin is needed to connect your website to PostNord, and to create one you can either:

  • Express your interest in a coming Starweb plugin
  • Reach out via the Partner window, to build your own plugin and sell it
  • Click on “Build your own plugin” to build your own plugin from scratch

Naturally, we will help you throughout the entire process – no technical knowledge is required on your end.

Who can use the PostNord order connection for Starweb?

Anyone who uses Starweb can take advantage of the PostNord order connection for the e-commerce system – no matter how many products you sell. Especially if you’re planning to outsource shipping handling you should consider automating it instead, as it’s both a simple solution and more cost effective. The solution allows your web store to grow without limits, while your customers get the experience they deserve. Getting the PostNord integration for Starweb does not require any prior knowledge as we help you with all the technical stuff.

What do I do?

  1. Reach out to us to express your interest.
  2. We’ll get in touch with you a soon as we have a solution that suits you.
  3. Follow our instructions.
Do you build integrations for other companies?

We help you build a plugin for Starweb

We’re always looking to collaborate with integrators who want to build their own plugins and connections for our services. Get in touch!

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Express your interest in a coming Starweb plugin.

Information om hur PostNord behandlar dina personuppgifter och om dina rättigheter under dataskyddslagstiftningen finns i PostNords integritetspolicy.

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Would you rather build your own order connection? We have API’s for shipment orders and a lot more. If you prefer a simpler solution you can also place multiple shipment orders at once via a CSV file exported from your e-commerce system.

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