SMS is replaced by push in PostNord App

A test is now underway where users receive notifications about packages via the PostNord App. Notifications that previously came via SMS will during the test be sent as a push notification.

The test includes the services:

MyPack Collect - on arrival at agent and parcel box
MyPack Home - for deliveries where the recipient chooses to collect from an agent or in a parcel box

The SMS notification will be replaced by an arrival notification in the PostNord App if the following is met:

  • There is a recipient who has received a package or has a package on the way with PostNord.
  • The user must have activated the notice "available for download" or "at all updates of the package".
  • The user must have been active in the app in the last 14 days.

You will be able to see which notification your customer receives through the portal:

  • The recipient is notified in the app
  • The recipient is notified by SMS

The reminder notifications continue to be sent via SMS even if the recipient uses the PostNord App.

​​​​In order to ensure that this will be a positive change, we continuously monitor how the pilot affects the customer and the consumer journey.