Using the quality report tool

Go to Quality report in portal

Choose customer number

Start by choosing which customer number you want to look at. If you have several, they are all filled in by default.


Choose time period

You can choose to go back as far as 6 months to see your quality.


Choose service

Simply choose by clicking which PostNord services you want to see the quality for.


Choose country to and from

You can see the quality from a specific country to a specific country, or choose to see the report for all of them.


Overview Quality report

When you click on Create report after the previous step, you get an overview where you can see, among other things, how many deliveries arrived on time and how many were delayed.


You also get a summary below that compiles your results into a simpler chart for export.


Export your data

Export your quality report to either csv or xls


Color settings

In the interface there is a button on the right called Color Settings where you can categorize your statistics for a better overview.