Digital returns

Let us help you with your customer returns. Now we can make your customer return experience better and more environmentally friendly through digital returns.

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There are different variants of how you can create your return solution with us:

  • Via your portal account based on outgoing packages
  • Via the digital return solution (see info below on the page)
  • Directly towards our API
  • Via third-party systems chosen to implement QR support, TA/integration/return solution

Our recommendation:

  • Portal account for smaller customers who only use us as a carrier and manage the booking of their returns manually.
  • Digital return solution for medium and large customers who do not want to develop the solution on their side directly against our API.

Digital full cover solution

1. We set up a custom return page for your website
2. You link to the page from your channels
3. On this page, your customer can fill in information and receive a QR code for immediate return
4. No development required from you and no customer service required to generate returns!

  • Digital returns with QR code at agents (for submission SE, DK, NO. For other countries PDF)
  • Book a return package pick-up (we bring the label)
  • Option for your returning customer to register reason for return digitally (available to you via portal/API connection)
  • Multi-language support (SE, DK, NO, FI, EN)
  • The solution is also available as a widget – for more info, contact Customer Integration

Try for free for 60 days, then you get the solution for 79 EUR per month started – no commitment period. Only thing added is a cost per submitted QR code at an agent of SEK 2.50 per code.

Standard setup with QR-code

Book a return pickup

Super friction free. Just provide us with this:

  • Your company logo in PNG format.
  • The information you want to be displayed to your customer.
  • Which fields you want to have in the return form, e.g. return reason.
  • Which service to use, your customer number and your return address.

Digital returns can be combined with the following physical return services

Book a demo or order a set-up with us

There was no smooth option to solve this. We had a dream about a QR code, but building our own solution would not be cost-effective.

Alma RiiheläCountry manager Sweden at Sellpy

I'm impressed with how user-friendly it was to implement the solution, for us it was only a ten minute job to customize the text on the return page. And since it is on an external page, I also don't need to develop anything on our own site - I put a link there and that's it.

Pontus BjörnströmTransport & Logistics Leader, Decathlon Sweden

Use PostNord as return partner regardless of which carrier you have

Regardless of which supplier was responsible for the original delivery, it is possible to use PostNord as a return partner. In this way, recipients can use PostNord’s entire market-leading network of agents and choose the drop-off point that is most suitable for the return delivery. The handling will be smooth for both the customer and you.

PostNord's return services make it easier for both you and your customers

Smidiga returer är viktigt för att köpupplevelsen hos dig ska vara genomgående positiv för dina kunder. Det bidrar till en starkare kundlojalitet och underlättar dessutom företagets varuhantering och leveransflöden. 

Som företagskund hos oss får du tillgång till våra returtjänster via ditt konto i PostNord Portal Business. I portalen hittar du också flera andra smarta verktyg designade för att göra din frakt- och logistikhantering så tidseffektiv och kostnadseffektiv som möjligt.

Common questions about returns

How long does a return take?

A return is usually delivered wihtin 1-2 working days from the time it is handed in at service point/agent or picked up by us.

Why shall I use PostNords return services?

Our return services provides faster, simpler and more secure returns for customers and companies.

Shall I pick Return Pickup or Return Drop Off?

This depends on what is to be returned. Return Pickup is suitable for bigger and heavier returns, while Return Drop Off is better suited for smaller shipments.

How do I create a QR-code for returns?

QR-codes are created in your list of shipments in PostNord Portal Business. There you’ll also find clear instructions on how to do this.

How does returns with QR-code work?

When you create a return with QR-code we will send an SMS/Email to your returning customer with QR (also in PostNord App). Returning customer brings the QR-code to any service point of ours and a label will be printed on demand after scanning.

In what ways can I let my customer make a return?

Your customer can either leave the return on service point/agent (Return Dropoff) or have the return picked up by doorstep at home (Return Pickup).

How do I make a return made for pickup at home? (Return pickup)?

In MyReturns your customer make the return themselves and decides a time for pickup. Our driver brings the label to the pickup. If you create the return via portal account or a third party system; the returning customer needs to be provided with the label – you have the option to add as additional service from us that our driver shall bring the label at pickup. Your returning customer needs to schedule the pickup separately via

How does my customer book pickup of a return?

Your customer books a return pickup directly via using the parcel number or via MyReturns if the return is created there.

What is a digital return?

PostNords own digital return solution available at