Send trackable parcels with PostNord Portal Track & Trace

  • Complete control of all deliveries to and from your company
  • Filter shipments based on attributes or status
  • All shipments are tracked automatically

93% of all users would have a hard time managing without Skicka Direkt Business

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It only takes a few minutes to become an agreement customer and get a Portal Business account. In the portal you’ll have access to business tools like Track & Trace and Skicka Direkt Business.

You need to be able to sign on behalf of your company in order to accept the customer agreement. If you are not authorized to do so you can schedule a demo instead, and we’ll work out the details later.

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How to get started with PostNord Portal

Step 1

1. Enter your company organization number – other details are collected automatically.

Step 2

2. Enter your user details.

Step 3

3. You can now send your first parcel.

Three smart features that make trackable shipments easier to manage

Automated notifications

In Portal Business you can create unique notifications using your company logo and personal tone. These are sent to customers automatically to keep them updated on their delivery. That way you can ensure that the customer gets the best possible image of your company.

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Schedule trackable shipping online

Booking trackable shipping is super easy with Portal Business. In the tool Skicka Direkt you simply enter the details such as weight and delivery address. We show you the prices on the screen so you can compare various options before booking. Next, leave the parcel at a service point or schedule pickup.

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Secure tracking

The tool Track & Trace gives your complete control over all your deliveries – no matter where in the world they are. You can look up a specific parcel and change the delivery details, or filter deliveries based on status and attributes. This way you can manage and prevent issues before they happen.

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Send trackable parcels with PostNord

Do you want to know everything about all your deliveries and where they’re going? Then Portal Business is the solution for you. All shipments sent using Skicka Direkt Business are automatically trackable, and with our simple tools you don’t need to worry about losing tracking numbers.

How Track & Trace works

Track & Trace is our smart tracking tool that helps you know everything about all incoming and outgoing shipments, from the moment they are registered in our system to when they are delivered to your customer. You will be informed about any delays, if a parcel can’t be delivered, or if everything is running smoothly. That way it’s super easy for you to know exactly when you need to take action to ensure the delivery chain remains unaffected – and when you can sit back and relax.

How to search for a parcel

In the tool you can filter shipments based on various attributes. If you want to check a specific parcel you can enter, for example, the shipment ID, name of the receiver or your own order reference. When you click on a parcel you’ll get detailed information about its status and current location. You can also notify your customer, create claims and request changes to the delivery.

If you want to check shipments that are:

      • Registered in the system, select “EDI”.
      • On their way to the receiver, select “Outgoing”.
      • Ready for pickup at an agent or parcel box, select “At service point”.
      • Delivered to the receiver, select “Delivered”.
      • Sent back to you because the hold time at the agent has expired, select “Returned”.

Set up your own filters

Sometimes there’s a need to check certain deliveries more frequently than others. That’s why you can create your own filters in Track & Trace, to make it easier to view the parcels that are of particular importance. This means that you can work more proactively to avoid any interruptions to the delivery flow.

Change delivery information

With Track & Trace it’s very easy to meet all your customers’ needs and wishes regarding shipping. Search for a specific shipment for example by using the shipment ID or name of the receiver. Click on the shipment and select “Actions”. The available options are listed based on the service used and where the parcel is in the transport chain. Examples of actions include extending the hold time at the agent/collection point, sending information to the receiver, creating a claim and changing the receiver details.

Makes customer support easier

In the portal there’s also tools that make it easier for your customers to contact you regarding their shipments. When a customer searches for their parcel and want to change something regarding the delivery, a chat feature allows them to quickly communicate with you. Your customer service team can immediately see what case the request is about and quickly assist the customer. Inside a case you can also enter comments that are only visible to you and your team, so that colleagues can stay informed on previous changes, wishes or problems. With Track & Trace you can make sure that customer support cases related to shipping are efficient, while the customer gets the best possible support experience.

Track parcels

Track incoming shipments

Send parcels

Automated notifications

This video tells you all about what’s in the Portal

Frequently asked questions about sending trackable parcels

When can I track a parcel?

From the moment you book shipping the delivery becomes trackable. In the tool Track & Trace you can see the status and where the shipment is at the moment.

How much does it cost to send trackable parcels?

When you use PostNord Portal you don’t pay anything extra for trackable parcels, the feature is included in the shipping cost.

Who can track the parcel?

All parties affected by the delivery can track it, meaning you and your customer.

Where is it easiest to track the parcel?

In the tool Track & Trace you can enter the parcel ID or name of the receiver to immediately see where the parcel is. You can also change the delivery information from this page, if you wish to do so.

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