Postal Services

What are Postal Services?

As a PostNord Business customer, there are ways to handle your mail more conveniently. We offer PO Boxes, where your company can centrally receive mail every weekday, as well as services to deliver mail from your PO Boxes to a company address. While we're there, we can also pick up outgoing letters and Varubrev so your employees don't need to drop them off.

Post Office Boxes


You find Postal Services in the left menu of the portal. Choose Post Office Boxes to get to the overview page.

Here you can see your organization's PO Boxes, and access details about each one.

screenshot of PO Boxes


Click on Details to the right in order to get more information about the postbox. From here you can transfer a postbox or cancel it.

screenshot of PO Boxes details

Mail delivery subscription

Mail Delivery subscriptions mean that PostNord will pick up all the mail from your PO Box and deliver it to your company address.

Order and manage your postal services subscriptions by going to Pickup & Delivery under Postal Services in the Menu.

In the overview you can see all your current subscriptions. Click Book Delivery to create a new subscription.

Click Details to view information about your subscription. Read on below to see what options are available.

Pickup Subscription

Pickup subscriptions mean that PostNord will pick up any outgoing mail and Varubrev from your company address every weekday at a set time. This typically coincides with a delivery of mail from your PO Boxes via a delivery subscription.

Your pickup subscriptions are listed in the overview page, alongside your delivery subscriptions. Just like with delivery subscriptions, you can click Details to view and manage your subscription, or create a new subscription via the Book pickup button.


screenshot of the pickup and delivery overview

Detail view

screenshot of the pickup and delivery details view

Click Details on any subscription to view information about the subscription. Here you can take the following actions:

  • Change subscription lets you update the details you configured when the subscription was created.
    Note: To change address you need to change it for each service separately, the same applies when cancelling, you need to cancel each service separately.

  • Pause subscription is useful if you are closed for vacation or single days you can pause the assignment. The mail will be stored with us and will be delivered after the requested end date.

  • Transfer subscription will transfer the subscribed service to the new owner. Please inform the receiving owner about the transfer so they can anticipate this ahead of time. This service is Free of charge. For any changes in the service, we suggest to have it after the ownership is transferred. The pickup address will not be changed. If the new owner wanted to change delivery address, they can do it after transferring ownership.

  • Schedule cancellation will close this service permanently. If you want to change address or other details, use Change subscription instead. Cancellation will be allowed 1 calendar month ahead.

screenshot of the pickup and delivery details view