Power of Attorney

What is Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney is a way to give an individual the right to pick up letters or parcels addressed to your company. Administrators can create or recall these powers of attorney via the Power of Attorney tool here in the portal.

Access your powers of attorney

Go to Power of Attorney in the portal menu, and you'll reach the overview pahe, displaying your current powers of attorney.

To edit or deactivate a power of attorney, check the checkbox of those you want affected and use the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

screenshot of power of attorney tool

Create a Power of Attorney

Click Create powers of attorney to create a new entry. You'll be asked to select which address/worksite that the agent should be allowed to retrieve shipments for.

screenshot of power of attorney tool

Indicate the desired period of validity for this power of attorney. This can be edited later, and the power of attorney will cease to be valid after the selected date.

Provide information about the agent - name and Swedish social security number.

screenshot of power of attorney tool

You'll see a summary of all details before completing the entry.

screenshot of power of attorney tool