Integration between PostNord and Avarda

E-commerce connection between Avarda Checkout and Skicka Direkt Business – simple and efficient

Simplify shipping management and improve the customer experience with PostNord's convenient Avarda Checkout integration. With a connection between Avarda Checkout and Skicka Direkt Business, you can easily display the shipping options you want to offer your customers at checkout. Each shipping order appears directly in Skicka Direkt Business when a customer has made a purchase, and you can then print the shipping label and send the package.


Features and compatibility

  • Compatible with shipping services from PostNord Sweden

  • A shipping selector is included in your Avarda checkout and you configure your own delivery method and shipping rates

  • Shipment reservations are automatically generated and you can make changes and print shipping labels individually or in bulk inside PostNord Skicka Direkt Business

  • Compatible with:

    • Norce

    • Askås

    • WooCommerce

    • Magento 2

    • Wikinggruppen

    • Litium

    • Easyfy

    • SiteDirect

    • Abicart / Textalk

    • MyStory Norge

    • Omnio

    • Avensia

    • Prestashop

    • Pearlconvert

    • Increo

    • Digitroll

    • Mystore

    • twoday (tidigare VDC)

    • Omnium

    • Vipps

    • Easyweb

    • Refox

    • Carismar

How do I get started with the PostNord and Avarda Checkout integration?

Avarda assists you with activating PostNord's shipping widget and then you just have to add a store connection and configure your shipping services in Skicka Direkt Business E-commerce.