PostNord's APIs for Shipping and e-Commerce

Connect your system with us. Get a smoother experience and reduce costs for errors. PostNord customers can use free* APIs for almost all of our core functions, so your development team can build a solution that fits your needs exactly.

Common questions about APIs

* What does it cost to use the APIs?

As a customer, you'll typically only pay for the shipping. Our APIs are currently free up to a certain limit - which is set high. In normal use for a single large organization, you're very unlikely to incur any costs for the API calls unless you have misconfigured your integration.

For integrations partners offering integrations to multiple organizations, you're more likely to hit the limit for free API calls, but we offer very reasonable rates even for large call volumes.

Who can use the APIs?

Any PostNord customer or integration partner can sign up for a customer- or partner API account on

But keep in mind that you will need your own developers to build an integration to PostNord. We have a team on hand to help answer questions, but you'll need to do the development in-house or with an agency.

Can i get help with the APIs?

We have a developer guide, as well as other resources for your developers. You can find these on

But you can also contact our Customer Integration team, who can answer your questions about working with the APIs.