Analyze and Optimize your Logistics with the Customer Portal

Use our reports to get insights into your delivery processes and your operations with PostNord.

Quality report

Quality report

An overview of deviations in delivery

Sort by destination and shipment type and see deviations in percentage and number; how many shipments were delivered on time or not.

EDI quality report

EDI report

An overview of the EDI quality of your shipments.

In the EDI quality report you can easily see where you can improve to avoid unnecessary costs. Sort by period and by customer. You can also subscribe to EDI errors via the EDI report; you will then receive a 24-hour summary of EDI problems.

Environmental report

Environmental report

An overview of the amount of CO2 emissions linked to your deliveries

View and export reports for your company's CO2 emissions based on distance and vehicles used to transport shipments. The transport work is calculated for each parcel.

PostNord Listens report

Postnord listens report

An overview of your customers' delivery experience

Immediately after delivery, your recipients have the opportunity to give a rating about their delivery experience. The report shows the average rating from your recipients in the last 30 days, compared to the average rating for deliveries made throughout the country. At least 40 ratings are required to be displayed in the report.

Retention time report

retention time report

An overview of the time your shipments remain at service points

This report shows how many days your Collect items were with the agent before delivery. Provides a good overview of efforts you can make to specific customers to remind them that the parcel is available for pick-up to avoid deliveries being sent back to you.

Claims report

claims report

An overview of your claims cases in the portal

Discover recurring errors with this report's overview. You can export a detailed report of your handled and ongoing complaints in the portal. In the portal you also have the option to handle your claims directly.

Invoice report

Invoice report

A birds-eye view of your invoices

See your invoice statistics directly in the portal or choose to export to get a more detailed report.