Get started and get access to the Customer Portal

Get access to the business tools in the Customer Portal. Here's what you need to know about access & user accounts

My organization isn't a customer yet - How do we get started?

All agreement customers get access to Portal Business and can set up user accounts with the accesses they need. Opening a Business account is free.

I'm a manager, what can I do as a Company Administrator?

As a company administrator you can access all tools of Portal Business including Company Settings and Invoices.

Your company can have one or more administrators - we recommend assigning at least two so that you won't lose admin access to your account if an administrator is unavailable. You can add more company admins within the portal. Company admins also have access to user management here in the portal, where you can invite colleagues to create Portal accounts with access only to the tools they need in their role.

As a company admin you will also receive any requests to create a user account with your organization, so you can approve or deny that request.

If need an administrator account but don't have one, click the request button below to request a new admin account.

I'm an employee, how do I get access?

Your Company Administrator will need to invite you to create a Portal account, or approve your request to join your organization's Portal Account.

To ensure your account gets the right access, we recommend asking your Company Admin to invite you.
To request access yourself, click the link below. Your Company admins will receive a notification about your request to join.