Manage Your Business with PostNord

Discover ways to manage your teams and company account, access invoices, and get reports and insights into your logistics.

Invite your team to create accounts

You'll find your user management page under Company Settings. Here you can manage existing users and invite new users. You can also export a list of all users.

Click Invite, and you'll get to configure the invited user's access to customer numbers or individual Portal tools.

Manage settings for your company

Depending on the size of your organization, you might have a number of active customer numbers with PostNord. You can access your Customer Numbers interface under Company Settings, where you can find organizational and financial details related to each entity.

Keep track of your invoices

You can view all invoices issued to your customer numbers by PostNord by visiting Invoices. These can be viewed and exported individually or in bulk, and you can use filters to find the exact invoice you're looking for.