Choose the right delivery option for your e-commerce

Important with Delivery Options

You've just started your e-commerce business and have thought of everything. You have selected the best products, carefully created your brand, spent money on good marketing and carefully handled every single question from prospective customers. Now they are finally ready to buy and you realise: your delivery options in the web shop are not what the customer wants!

With Postnord as your delivery partner, you never have to worry, we have many delivery options for your customers to choose from and we'll go through them in this article.

Why is it important to offer multiple delivery options in your e-commerce?

You already know that not all customers are the same, and that's obviously also true when it comes to how and when they prefer to have their goods delivered. One wants the product fast, the next will be super happy if it is delivered straight to the door but isn't in such a hurry. A third customer prefers to be able to pick up their parcel while shopping or refuelling their car. How will you make everyone happy?

The proportion of customers indicating dissatisfaction with delivery due to lack of choice in our E-barometer is steadily increasing and has done so in recent years. 8 out of 10 think it is important to be able to choose delivery options that suit them.


"Consumers want to be able to tailor the delivery method to their own needs and preferences, and the increased demands for flexibility can thus result in direct dissatisfaction if expectations are not met."

– E-barometern Q2 2019 –


Besides, all e-retailers around the world are potential competitors of yours and countries like Germany are known for both low prices and smooth deliveries coming from countries within the EU borders. In that case, as a Swedish e-retailer, it is important to be the even better option for the customer, and the right delivery options in the online shop contribute to that.

So you need to offer multiple delivery options so that the customer can choose the delivery option that best suits them at the time of purchase. People who are going away prefer to have the parcel delivered to their agent so that they don't risk missing it, while those who have difficulty moving around outside are overjoyed to have the parcel left at their door. You can easily offer all PostNord delivery options in your e-commerce so your customer can choose exactly what suits each purchase.

What are the different delivery options?

At Postnord, we know all about deliveries - we handle around a hundred million shipments every month. We are constantly working to improve them: for the sender, for the recipient and for the environment. Today, as a sender, you can choose the following delivery options:

  • MyPack Home Small – when your recipient wants delivery to the mailbox
    Send parcels weighing up to 3 kg with a value of up to SEK 450 delivered to the recipient's mailbox or property box.
  • MyPack Home – when your recipient wants home delivery
    With MyPack Home, you can send parcels of up to 35 kg within the Nordic countries, which are collected from your premises and delivered directly to the recipient's home.
  • MyPack Collect – when your recipient wants courier delivery
    With MyPack Collect, businesses can send parcels to their customers for delivery to delivery points in the Nordic countries and Europe.
  • Varubrev – when your recipient wants delivery to their letterbox and is happy for us to leave it at their door
  • Smaller letters and parcels delivered by the postman. If the parcel is too large for the post box, it can be left at the door or taken to the nearest retailer.
  • Express delivery – when your recipient is in a hurry to receive their delivery
    You hand in your shipment before 2pm on a weekday and we deliver it before 10am on the following weekday.

More delivery options in the web shop means more satisfied customers

Speed of delivery impresses customers, but it's not just speed that matters. Customers understand that a small letter is quicker to send and deliver than a large piece of furniture - but it also becomes more important for them to be able to decide how and when they receive the item when it is more bulky.

Clearly listing your delivery options directly in the web shop gives the customer choice and increases the likelihood that they will come back and buy more items, thus becoming a loyal customer. Agility trumps speed and clear communication contributes to the customer's perception of agility.

The delivery options in your e-commerce can help you create an image of your brand as smooth, fast and service-oriented - in this way, the delivery choices in your online shop will help you gain loyal customers.

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