How to get Help & Support

How your team and your customers can get help from PostNord via our digital channels.

Guides & Tutorials

The easiest way to get help is to take a look at our guides here on the portal.

Open and keep track of customer service issues

You can contact and monitor issues with PostNord Customer Service right here in your Portal account. If a shipment was damaged, issue a claim instead - the section below will tell you more.

To open an issue with PostNord Customer Service, Open the Customer Service module from the menu and you'll access your log of previous and ongoing support issues. To submit a new issue, click New Message, select you issue type and click send. You can also attach a file if needed.

Make a claim for damaged or missing shipments

Sometimes things go wrong, but we're here to help. If one of your organization's shipments is damaged or lost, you can issue a claim and request compensation, right here in the Portal. We really recommend gathering all relevant information about the shipment first, including Item ID / shipment ID, details about contents, photos, and other information from the recipient.

More is better - the more details we get, the easier and faster it will be to process your request.

Help with Integrations

Pre-built integrations from partners

If you need help with an integration built by a PostNord partner, such as the integrations linked below, we recommend the following.

As a general rule, the partner providing the integration will be able to help you best.

You can use the integration catalog below to locate your integration and find contact information to your partner there. If you need help with setup or use of an interface that is not here in the Portal (such as configuration inside your e-commerce platform) only the partner will be able to assist you.

If you specifically need help with the e-commerce tab inside Skicka Direkt Business, visit our guide for connecting your store to Skicka Direkt Business. If you still need help, feel free to book an integration demo or contact our customer service for help with using that specific interface.

Help with APIs

For help with integrating with PostNord's APIs, we have our Developer Portal where your team can consult documentation for each API.

If you need more hands-on guidance, please contact our customer integration team below.