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Pacsoft Online will disappear from the Swedish market. If you have a Pacsoft account you can easily switch to PostNord Online Shipping Tool. And it’s free! Even if you are a new user you get access to our free TA system.

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Activate Your Account

Do you already have a Pacsoft account? Then you can activate your account in PostNord Online Shipping Tool immediately using the same e-mail address you use in Pacsoft.

You activate your account in three easy steps.

1. Enter your Pacsoft e-mail address

2. Select Forgot Password in the next step

3. Enter the validation code we sent to your e-mail address

Have you never used Pacsoft Online? Create a free account in Online Shipping Tool here.

A Smoother & More Modern Tool

Online Shipping Tool replaces Pacsoft and provides many advantages:

  • No monthly fees – like always
  • No fees for shipping notes
  • View your prices directly in the tool
  • A modern interface that is super easy to learn
  • Continuous improvements every month, based on your feedback
  • All tools in one place – Track & Trace, invoices, claims, etc.
  • PostNord customer service is just a click away
  • Change the details of an ongoing shipment
  • Integrate your web store with our API

Online Shipping Tool is the new shipping tool from PostNord. It’s free to use and you only pay for the shipping you order. You also don’t pay any fees for shipping notes.

As a Pacsoft user your account is already set up and you can upgrade instantly. Click here to get started – provide the same e-mail address you use in Pacsoft.

Do you want help to get started? Online Shipping Tool is easy to use, but if you need support we’re here! Schedule a demo and get help when it suits you – you’ll get started with booking shipments in no time.

Get Admin Rights After Moving from Pacsoft

Once you have activated your account you can apply for full admin rights in the portal.

Get the formSend the form to us

When you activate your account we will help you get started

Pacsoft will go offline on October 31, 2022

At the end of October 2022 will be replaced by other systems. If you are a user of Pacsoft Online without order connection you received a notification in 2021 which stated the last date to move from Pacsoft to another transportation administration system.

You can choose what system to use. Our advice is to use PostNords own tool, Online Shipping Tool. It’s free to use within the framework of Portal Business, which is also free.

Why Replace Pacsoft?

For several years PostNord has put a lot of effort in a new and user-friendly business portal, which includes Online Shipping Tool. It’s an advanced but very easy to use shipping system.

We have developed Online Shipping Tool based on the feedback we’ve received from users of Pacsoft Online through surveys. Online Shipping Tool has already been well received among companies in Sweden.

Thanks to the positive response we have decided to keep focusing on this new TA system. We also can’t maintain two shipping systems in parallel. For that reason we are completely replacing Pacsoft with Online Shipping Tool.

How Do I Change to Online Shipping Tool?

Changing from Pacsoft to Online Shipping Tool is super easy. Here’s what you need to do:


Activate your account in PostNord Online Shipping Tool

Enter the e-mail address you use for Pacsoft. In the next step, select Forgot Password. We will send an e-mail with a validation code. Enter the code. You can now log in to the portal and use Online Shipping Tool and other tools.

Get familiar with the tools

Once you have logged in to Portal Business you will see several useful videos that show you how to schedule shipments, manage online tracking, manage claims, and more.

Get help when you need it

You can get help whenever you need it. Schedule a demo or a help session and we will assist you in getting your account set up according to your wishes. We will connect via video link so you can ask any questions.