Invoices & Contracts

See all your PostNord Invoices

Filter on future-, credit- or debit invoices. Sort on countries and active/passive customers.
The Invoices & Contracts view brings you tabs over your total debt collection plus what is overdue and pending/waiting. In addition you have the reminder tab showing when the invoice is due.

Click an invoice to access details about it and the specifications within. Export a PDF or excel of the individual invoice , or contact PostNord customer service regarding the invoice, directly from the detail view of the invoice. The notes feature is for your internal reference only.

You can also export invoice data from multiple invoices in excel or CSV format from the overview screen.

Screenshot of the invoices view

Look up your customer contracts and terms

Click Go to contracts at the top of page takes you to Contracts which is your total collection of agreements in one view. The first overview page shows what type of agreement each contract is, and if the contract has customer-specific rates or not. Select a customer number and filter out what contracts the specific customer number can use. Filter on specific service in order to see which of your contracts include services you are looking for. Export to excel if you wish!

Click on a contract to see details. You have the option to add a comment to describe the contract on top of the standard info on services contained and which customers numbers or organization numbers that can use the contract. Depending on agreement type you’ll see relevant info linked to the contract. Export to excel is also an option.

screenshot of contracts module