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Invoice specifications

Will the invoice look excactly as the example or is it still under development?

The Excel specifications will have the same structure as the example, that is the columns shown and what type of information that is shown in them. Vi have composed the example to show that different services have different data available, for example ShipmentID is not relevant or available for Varubrev.

Will it be possible to download the Varubrev-spec from the portal, same as with MyPack?


Will return services be specified same way as other services?


Looking at the column "Specification", is every unique number connected to the same order?

No "Specification" refers to what is named "Specification number" on the PDF invoice, which is a collection of orders.

I can see that a “Quantity”-column has been added. Will this mean, that if a parcel-shipment contains multiple kolli, that these will be consolidated

Generally separate kolli will have their own Item ID, so they will appear on individual lines. For products that don't have that type of distinguishing identifier there will be a quantity higher than 1.

This relates to the above question(1); Will the quantity column also affect pallet-shipments, or will there be a line per. Pallet if a shipment has mo

Individual pallets are generally distinguished by separate Item IDs, so there will be one entry per line.

Is it a mistake that the pallet type if not also listed in the “Shipment”-line? It seems like the “Cubic meter”-line is redundant, and the type of the

This is how the data we receive looks like at the moment but if prioritized it is possible to add theses rows together. But for now they appear on separate rows.

Why are some surcharges in columns and some in row. It would look better if all surcharges came as rows under the corresponding shipment

The columns for surcharges are applicable to all products and services while addon services for a shipment are shown on separate lines.

Is it possible to add a column with information about the truck(s) being used to deliver the shipments. Ex. fuel type, engine type

This information is not available in the data we can expose at the moment. Might be possible to add in the future.

It would be nice to see the delivery address as well, to separate customers in the same postcode

This information is not available in the data we can expose at the moment. Might be possible to add in the future.

The question would be if along with those changes, we are going to receive one specification file per invoice or more than one as you usually provide.

The plan is for the user to be able to be able to dowload one specification file per invoice.