Create Mail-outs

What is Create Mail-outs?

Create Mail-outs is a way to create printed mail-outs online - Upload a PDF and get it sent out as letters, postcards or print - either to a predefined mailing list or as unaddressed advertising.

What is it used for?

Direct marketing has never been easier. All you need is a PDF ready for print. Create mail-outs is a smart send-out solution where you can see delivery days for your address file or seek delivery day per zipcode by downloading a zip code delivery schedule. You also have a price calculation tool inside the solution. Use the tool to find new customers or reach out to your existing by sending postcards, letters or flyers in physical form!

Create a postcards or flyers with envelope mail-out

Creating postcards/flyers with envelope is based on four steps, first you decide who to reach by specifying your target group in our filters. The four steps are visible on top of page.
1. Set your preferences based on geography/location, purchase power, form of housing, sex, age and household type.
2. Then select your distribution by choosing a day when mail-out should be delivered at the latest.
3. After that, you upload your print-ready PDF through drag and drop in the tool.
4. Voila, your mail-out is created and the price is visible to the right. We take care of your delivery.

A screenshot of the mail-outs filters

Create a letter mail-out

Send a single- or double-sided A4 letter with the option to include a payment slip.
Before you start, make sure your PDF fits the template:

  • The PDF should be 210x297mm (A4)

  • Use TrueType fonts (TTF) instead of OpenType fonts (OTF) for the best quality

  • If you didn’t choose “preface page”, both addresses will be inserted by us with a white rectangle on top of the first page

  • You may use left part of the sender window (35mm) to place your own logo

  • Remember to leave space for addresses and always check the preview carefully

A screenshot of create mail-outs recommended pdf format

Creating a letter mail-out has four steps

  1. Upload your PDF (Word A4)

  2. Address - enter sender address (where the letter is addressed from). Then you can upload your recipients address list or enter recipients manually.

  3. Delivery - choose day for delivery. You will be shown the next available delivery date. You can also choose a later day if you prefer.

  4. Pay - before payment you will see a summary of your order; to pay with invoice you need to create a business account.

A screenshot of create mail-outs delivery screen