How to use Track & Trace

Use PostNords tracking tool for Business to stay on top of everything moving through your delivery chain.

What is Track & Trace?

Track & Trace is PostNord's business tool for tracking and managing shipments. All PostNord shipments made from your customer number(s) will be shown in the tool automatically, regardless of what system or solution you used to order shipping.

  • View all shipments and filter based on status and characteristics

  • Export shipment data for analysis

  • View individual shipment details

  • Maker adjustments to individual shipments

  • Notify the recipient, or resend tracking info to them

  • Issue a paperless return

The List View

With Track & Trace you can track parcels based on various criteria and set filters to view certain types of shipments. It’s up to you if you want an overview of all incoming or outgoing shipments, or search for specific shipments. For example, you can search by shipment ID, your own order reference, or the name of the receiver. With each shipment comes detailed information about the shipment and its journey to the receiver.

Screenshot of the Track & Trace list view

In the search field you can search for unique shipment numbers or the order reference.

Change the date to view past shipments.

  • ‘EDI’ are the shipments that have been registered, but not yet received at a terminal.

  • ‘Outgoing’ are the shipments that PostNord has received from you and which are now on their way to your customers.

  • 'At distribution Point' lists shipments located at a PostNord distribution terminal

  • ‘At servicepoint’ lists the shipments that are ready to be picked up in parcel collection boxes or at agents.

  • Under ‘Delivered’ you’ll see all shipments that have been delivered to customers.

  • View the shipments that are on their way back as returns or because the maximum retention time has expired.

Search for parcels using your own filters

If you need to frequently search for shipments to a specific country, or parcels containing a specific product, for example MyPack Collect, you can use the filters in the side menu, then create a template with your own filters and save it with a name of your choice. You can then reuse the filter again and again, as a unique view that shows you only what you want it to show. This way, you can work efficiently and proactively with your deliveries.

Detail view

Screenshot of Track & Trace detail view

Click on a shipment to see the detailed view of it. Here you get a complete overview of the shipment’s journey and status. You can easily take action as needed, type notes for yourself or your colleagues, or contact our customer support regarding the shipment.

  • Tracking – detailed information about the shipment’s journey and where it is now.

  • Actions – Here you can send a message to your customer, create claims or request changes to a delivery.

  • Information – details about the parcel, like weight, service type and what is included regarding the delivery of the parcel.

Shipment Details

Information about the shipment where you can view everything from customer number, the service used, and add-on services as well as the size of the parcel.

Here you can view height, width, length and weight of the tracked parcel. You can see the estimated delivery time, and once the parcel has been delivered you’ll see the actual delivery time.

Even ordered add-on services such as home delivery and notification to the receiver can be viewed here, making it easy to offer loyal customers the same service even if you book a shipment manually.

In this section you can also change the hold time at the agent/collection point from 7 days to 14 days, if you suspect that the customer needs more time to collect their parcel.

Event log

On the right hand side you'll see a chronological list of shipment events. These include changes made and notifications sent to the recipient. You can apply filters to se eonly the type of event you're interested in viewing.

Customer service & notes

If anything is unclear about a shipment, you can easily reach out to PostNord customer service via the details view. Click the Customer service tab above the event log to open a message box. You can type in your query here, and track the issue in this view or via the Customer Service module in the left menu. You can also upload photos or files needed for your customer service issue.

The next tab above the event log is for your team's internal use. If one teammate has information for another teammate that they want to save as part of the shipment, they can easily just type in a note. For example, if action has been taken outside the Track & Trace tool, or an issue has been resolved over email or phone.

Actions and changes

When you click on ACTIONS for a specific shipment you’ll see a number of actions you can take, for example to notify the receiver. Exactly what you can do depends on the service used and where the shipment is in the transport process. You can create a claim, inform the receiver by SMS or e-mail, contact customer support, and make changes within what is known as “change of disposal”, which includes::

  • Change the name and address of the receiver.

  • Change phone number or e-mail.

  • Request home delivery of the parcel.

  • Increase the hold time.

  • Issue a return of a shipment in transit*

  • Issue a return QR code for a delivered shipment**

* Requesting a return will request a change of handling, and is useable even before a shipment has been delivered to the recipient.

** Issuing a return QR code will generate a return shipment and a QR code for the customer to show at a service point; no printers or preprinted labels required.

Track incoming shipments

You can also use Track & Trace to track any PostNord shipments being delivered to you company addresses.

Track incoming shipments in track & trace

  • Track & Trace

All PostNord shipments on their way to your registered company addresses get automatically added to the incoming shipments section of Track & Trace - so your team can track and be ready to receive them.