Feature Update January 2024

Skicka Direkt Business

  • Easier customs declaration: Customs type CN22 or CN23 will be automatically selected depending on which service the shipment has, so you no longer need to make this selection manually in Skicka Direkt Business or the unconfirmed list before confirming and printing your label if you use an e-commerce integration. Read more about customs rules.

  • Heavy shipments: If a shipment weighs more than 20kg, we will now automatically add the additional service H9 Heavy so that they shipment gets handled properly and without unnecessary fees; the fee for a heavy shipment without the H9 Heavy additional service is higher than the cost of that additional service. It's still important that you make sure shipments around or above 20kg get ordered as the correct weight, as this will save you money.

Track & Trace

  • It is now possible to see booked delivery times for shipments in Track & Trace. We are now presenting dates and times for booked deliveries in the details view for shipments in Track & Trace. When a booked delivery time is registered for a shipment, it will be shown in the top of the details view.
    This will bring an even more clarified view to senders about the shipments future course of events, showing which delivery times is applicable for the planned delivery.
    The recipient can also see the same information in the PostNord app.

Power of Attorney

We've updated the whole Power of Attorney tool so it's easier to use. Read our updated guide here.

User Management

We've updated the user management interface for company administrators. We would appreciate you giving your feedback in the feedback box in the bottom left of the screen.

New e-commerce integrations

We have a new Shopify integration from our partner Oktagon. Go to our integrations catalogue.