PostNord's Delivery Options API - Optimize shipping in your checkout

Consumers today expect freedom of choice, and they want information to be clear and timely. We want to help you craft the best delivery experience - starting with your checkout. The Delivery Options API is the best way to get a checkout experience that consumers will love.

What is the Delivery Options API?

  • An all-in one API for configuring and displaying shipping options in your checkout.

  • Increase conversion and repeat business by highlighting the most convenient delivery options for your customers.

  • All the right details, every time – The API always fetches the correct details for service points, delivery timeslots, environmental certifications and more. No need to plan for and code for all scenarios and combinations.

  • A robust and stable REST API with <300 ms response times and fallbacks to ensure your conversions go through.

  • High billing thresholds mean usage is free for most single-company integrations!

Features of the Delivery Options API

The API works with almost any checkout, provided you have built it in-house or can recode it.

Use any or all of the following info as part of your checkout experience. They'll always be up-to-date.

  • Shipping options: Choose exactly what shipping services to display. Avoid incorrect or imprecise delivery info that impacts your conversion. We provide clear and concise (and optional) explanations of what the different options entail for the customer. These support localization to your customer's language.

  • Service point info: Get exact info on parcel lockers and service points close to the customer (the actual walking distance). Display opening times.

  • Delivery times: Get a complete estimated delivery times in your checkout, for deliveries to home, service points or parcel lockers. This takes into account saturday deliveries to lockers and service points. Correct ETA = better conversion

  • Sustainability: Get and display info on whether a shipment will be certified fossil free or has Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification – driving conversion and loyalty from climate-conscious customers.

Who should use the Delivery Options API?

  • You want to make sure shipping options in your checkout are always correct.

  • You want to optimize conversion with shipping options that fit your customers.

  • You have built your own checkout flow or use a checkout flow that you can access at code-level.
    If you use a third-party e-Commerce or TA system that doesn't let you recode the checkout flow, please ask your system provider to integrate to this API.

  • You have another system to make the actual shipping order.
    The Delivery Options API handles shipping info and selection. Our Booking API or a PostNord partner solution can then send the shipping details on to PostNord, and create a shipping label for you to print.

  • You have developers on staff or at an agency that can build the integration.
    Our documentation and customer integration team can help guide your developers.

  • You are a PostNord Business Customer.
    The Booking API places orders that will be invoiced to your PostNord Business account.

  • You have specific needs that aren't met by pre-built integrations from our partners.
    We have ready-to-go integrations that don't need coding, find out more below.

How do we get started?

Your checkout uses a third-party system

If you have a TA system or E-Commerce platform that handles your checkout delivery options, your platform providers needs to integrate the tool to the Delivery Options API.
Please contact your platform provider and ask them about PostNord delivery information for checkout. If the features above aren't provided, PostNord's Customer Integrations team can guide their developers to implement these features.

The following systems currently provide all the features of the Delivery Options API:

  • nSHift Delivery

If you're building your own checkout, follow these steps to get going:

  1. Sign up for a customer plan in our developer portal.
    Log in with your PostNord Business credentials (become a new customer here)

  2. Have your developers take a look at the guides and swagger in the developer portal.
    The guide explains how to sign up for a sandbox plan, to start building and testing!

  3. If you need help, you can get guidance from our integrations teams using the details below.

If you're building for other businesses than your own, get in touch with us first and we can help you as an integration partner.

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The Delivery Options API coordinates Postnord systems and API's so your checkout info is always correct. But if you're not building a checkout, you can still access some features through other APIs.