Track & Manage Your Company's Shipments

Discover how to keep track of your shipments sent by your company. See how you can make adjustments, and help your customers.

What can you track with Portal Business?

If you’re logged in as a Portal Business user, you can immediately see any PostNord shipments sent by your organization, regardless of which system you used to send them.

You can also issue paperless returns at the push of a button.

Track shipments to customers

screenshot of track & trace list view

Any shipments tied to your customer number is automatically added to Track & Trace as soon as the electronic shipping order (often called “EDI”, Electronic Data Interchange) has been created.

The tool lets you easily monitor shipments on their journey to customers, or on their way back as returns.

Notify your customer

PostNord will notify the recipient that a parcel is on the way, and they can track it via the PostNord app or via our website.

But if a customer reaches out and asks for their tracking information, your team can help the customer find information they're missing. quickly trigger an email or SMS with tracking information via Track & Trace.

How your customer tracks their shipment

As long as your shipment order has the customer’s email address and/or phone number, the shipment will automatically get added to our popular mobile app. We will also send tracking information to the customer via SMS as a fallback if they don't have the app installed.

The PostNord app gives your customer the best delivery experience. They can track their parcel throughout its journey, pick up orders from parcel lockers, see proof-of-delivery photos, and chat with PostNord customer service if they need help.

Issue a return shipment

In Track & Trace, you can easily issue a QR-code for a return shipment; all the customer needs to do is bring the code to a service point and they’ll print a return label that is placed on the package, after which the package is ready to be sent.