Track & Manage Your Company's Shipments

Discover how to keep track of your shipments in and out of your company. See how you can make adjustments, help customers, and have full control over your deliveries.

What can you track with Portal Business?

If you’re logged in as a Portal Business user, you can immediately see any PostNord shipments sent by your organization, as well as any incoming PostNord shipments.

You can also manage and adjust your shipments to help your customers, or issue paperless returns at the push of a button.

Track outgoing shipments to customers

screenshot of track & trace list view

Any shipments tied to your customer number is automatically added to Track & Trace as soon as the electronic shipping order (“EDI”) has been created – regardless of whether you ordered shipping through the Portal or via an integration. So this is your one-stop shop for managing shipments.

The tool lets you easily monitor shipments on their journey to customers, or on their way back as returns. You can also take action such as issuing returns. Click the button below to see how it works.

Make changes to your shipment on its way to the customer

Sometimes a shipment needs adjusting after it’s been sent off. Maybe your customer has reached out and needs an address change, or an updated phone number.

In Track & Trace, your team can open and modify shipments on their way to your customer. They can also notify the customer about a shipment and its tracking information, as well as issue a return order on request.

Notify your customer

PostNord will notify the recipient that a parcel is on the way, and they can track it via the PostNord app or via our website.

But if a customer reaches out and asks for their tracking information, your team can quickly trigger an email or SMS with tracking information via Track & Trace. If the customer’s contact information is incorrect, you can easily update contact details and resend the tracking notification.

We also have solutions that give you even more control and influence over the customer’s experience. For example, you can automate reminder emails to pick up a shipment that’s at risk of being sent back from a service point, or customize a personalized SMS message that gets sent immediately after a customer has received their order.

How your customer tracks their shipment

As long as your shipment order has the customer’s email address and/or phone number, the shipment will automatically get added to our popular mobile app. We will also send tracking information to the customer via SMS as a fallback if they don't have the app installed.

The PostNord app gives your customer the best delivery experience. They can pick up orders from parcel lockers, schedule home delivery times, or reroute deliveries to their preferred service point.

Issue a return shipment

PostNord offers several options to give your customer the best return experience, so they never hesitate to buy from you again.

No one should have to print their own return label or go through a hassle to return a shipment. In Track & Trace, you can easily issue a QR-code for a return shipment; all the customer needs to do is bring the code to a service point and they’ll print a return label.

We also have services to set up an automated self-service return portal for your company, where customers can order their own returns so your team can focus on other tasks.

If you prefer to include a pre-printed label, that’s also possible. But we think digital solutions that save on paper are a great idea.

Track incoming shipments

Any PostNord shipments on their way to your company’s addresses and worksites can be automatically viewed in the Portal. Under Incoming Shipping, you can filter shipments by status, worksite and location.

Integrate tracking into any service

Our Tracking API and widget let you integrate PostNord tracking into your own tools, or into your website.

Track a single shipment right now

Our solutions here in the Portal can help your Business handle all its recurring shipping needs.

If you’re not a business customer and all you need to do is check up on a single shipment, you can use our basic tracking.