Skicka Direkt Business - Our Online Shipping Tool

How to use PostNord's free Transport Administration system to create shipments for all your needs.

What is Skicka Direkt Business?

Skicka Direkt Business is PostNord's free shipping tool, or TA-system as they are often called. Here your organization can easily book shipping and send packages online. It only takes a few clicks and you’re done. You can also book pickup and configure e-commerce integration to Skicka Direkt Business, if you have one.

Set up Skicka Direkt Business

When you first start using Skicka Direkt Business, you'll want to set up your senders and printers. Then you'll be ready to start ordering shipping.

Screenshot of the senders view

Sender addresses

You need at least one sender address in order to send shipments. If you have multiple locations from which you send shipments, it can be good to set them each up as a sender.

Click on the settings icon and Senders to open your senders view.

Click New sender and fill out the address and details for your sender.

If you have multiple sender addresses you can also import them in bulk using an excel or CSV file. Click the import button and you'll open an import window where you can download the template file for importing. fill this out and upload it to import your senders.

Recipient addresses

If you already have a list of recipients you can upload them to your address book. Click Recipients in the top menu to open the recipients view.

Click the import button and you'll open an import window where you can download the template CSV- or excel file for importing. Fill this out and upload it to import your senders.

Set up Printers

You can use just about any printer with Skicka Direkt Business. A dedicated label printer is of course recommended, but we offer both ZPL and PDF printing for label printers.

Order shipping

Portal Business lets you streamline your shipment ordering so it's most convenient for your needs - regardless of whether you're unsure of what shipping type to use, or whether you have a long list of exact shipments you want to order at once.

Order single shipments easily

Based on characteristics

On the start page of Skicka Direkt Business, you'll see several options for how to order shipping. These are also available at any time in the top menu under the Create tab. The easiest way to order shipping is to click Shipping labels - where you'll create a shipping order based on the characteristics of the shipment. The tool will select the shipment type that best suits your needs.

Select your sender and enter your recipient's details. If your recipient is in your address book you can click Address book and select them from the list.

The start page of Online Shipping Tool

Next we'll narrow down what shipment type you need based on maximum weight to make the coming steps easier.

Indicate your shipments weight and dimensions. This will give you a more accurate price estimate and help avoid surprises - remember that PostNord only bills you for shipments you send, but those shipments will be billed based on their actual dimensions and weight. So it's best to be accurate in this step.

Based on which delivery options you select, a shipment type will now be suggested in the box. Most shipment types include free pickup, which will be indicated here. We'll explain pickup booking later on in this guide.

You can also add a reference to print on the shipping label, or a description for the shipment which will only be shown to you here in the Portal.

Finally, you can add additional services to your shipment. These vary based on the shipment type you have selected, and their cost will be added to the cost summary on the page. To find out more about the additional services, click the About addons button in that section.

screenshot of shipment dimension configuration

Select a shipment type directly

If you already know which shipment type you want to send, you can order shipping by selecting this shipping service directly, skipping some of the steps of ordering. Please note that you will need to be familiar with the requirements of the shipping service in question, in order to get an accurate cost estimate.

Click Select Service from the start page or the Create tab.

Select your sender and recipient, or enter the details manually.

Now select the shipping service you want from the dropdown. Characteristics and restrictions of the service will still be displayed once you select it.

Indicate the weight of the shipment.

You can also add a reference to print on the shipping label, or a description for the shipment which will only be shown to you here in the Portal.

Finally, you can add additional services to your shipment. These vary based on the shipment type you have selected, and their cost will be added to the cost summary on the page. To find out more about the additional services, click the About addons button in that section.

Click Add shipping label to add it to your Summary page.

screenshot of select service

Create templates for your most used shipment types

Save time by creating templates for your most common shipping labels. The template can be modified to fit your needs and when it's created, simply click it in the list below and you can start creating labels.

In templates you manually choose what service you’d like to send the shipments with. You can create as many templates as you want.

Add senders and recipients to your template. You can choose if the template uses a fixed set of recipients, the entire address book or manually inputing the information everytime.

Different services offer different addons. These can for example be age restrictions, insurance or climate compensation. You can set these to be optional, mandatory or hidden when later using the template.

The templates can be modified if neccessary. If you have more than one account the templates can be shared via Company settings.

Bulk order shipping from a CSV- or Excel file

Save time by uploading files containg all the labels you wish to create. Follow this short tutorial to get going!

In order to use shipping from file you need to have a template set up. When the template is done, continue with this tutorial.

To make things easier we have created an example file that you can download in different formats XLSX, CSV or XML.

Choose a sender and simply drag and drop your files into the marked area below. You can also click “choose file” and select the file manually. Then press “Create shipping labels”.

Finalizing your order

When you're finished, click Add Shipping Label at the bottom and your shipment will be added to your Summary page. This is your shopping cart of created shipping orders from all your order methods, including bulk orders and e-commerce orders. You can keep adding more shipments with the method you prefer, and finalize them all at once.

Click Create labels to finalize your shipping order. This will have a few effects:

  • Shipments created will be added to your Shipments view, where you can print labels and manage created shipments (more on this below).

  • Electronic shipping data (laso known as EDI) for these shipments will be created, meaning our production systems are now ready to receive and transport the shipments.

  • Email confirmation will be sent to your user email address unless you unchecked that checkbox.

  • You will only be billed for the shipments when they pass the first scan at PostNord. So if anything went wrong when ordering, feel free to cancel the shipment from the Shipments tab.

screenshot of the summary page

Book pickup for your shipments

Most shipment types ordered through Portal Business include pickup free of charge (you will see this as part of the ordering process or in the terms of the shipping service in question). You can book pickup of these shipments from you sender address,

Click on pickup in the top menu of Skicka Direkt Business. Click Book Pickup to start the booking process.

Select your sender address for the pickup and indicate how many of each item you want picked up. Note that these don't need to have been created in Skicka Direkt Business, but could also have been created through an integration (find out more below).

screenshot of the pickup view

Create return shipments

Create a printerless return

After a shipment has been sent out, the Shipments tab will display the shipment as in transit. It will also link you to the shipment inside Track & Trace, where you can manage the shipment or issue a return. Delivered shipments can be returned using a QR code (no printer required). Shipments in transit can be requested to reroute back to your sender address as a change in handling.

See our Track & Trace guide for more details.

Create a pre-printed return label or return a non-PostNord shipment

You can also Create Return labels if needed. We typically recommend paperless returns via QR-code - it cuts down on waste from preprinted labels, and doesn't require customers to have a printer. But if you want to pre-print labels (or send over a label PDF to your customer) this is still possible.

Click Create, and Return labels. This feature doesn't require an initial PostNord shipment, meaning you can create a PostNord return shipment for a shipment sent out with another carrier. Select which customer the return should be sent from, and which of your sender addresses the return should be sent to. Then indicate characteristics of the shipment and the tool will select a return type that fits your needs.

This return label will then be added to your confirmation screen just like other outgoing shipments. From here you can confirm the order and print your return labels from the Shipments tab.

Integrate with your e-commerce

Did you know that you can order shipping from inside tools you already use in your team? PostNord's partners have built integration solutions that let you order shipping from e-commerce platforms, ERP systems and more. We also have APIs that allow you to build your own integrations.

Some of our partner solutions hook directly into Skicka Direkt Business, making it easy to add them to your workflow in the tool. Find out more and how to set these integrations up via the link below.

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