PostNord's Booking API - Integrate shipping orders into any system

With our Booking API, your development team can build features that order shipping, automate shipping workflows, and scale to any size of operations.

Why use PostNord's Booking API?

The Booking API lets your developers to build integrations that order PostNord shipping as part of your existing workflows or systems.

  • Order shipping from inside other tools, like ERP systems, WMS systems or e-Commerce tools

  • Automate shipping ordering based on e-Commerce purchases or other events in your systems

  • Build your own shipping and transport system or add PostNord funtionality to your TA system

  • Offer pre-paid (label-free) shipping with a QR code, for returns or trade-ins

  • Robust and stable REST API with quick response times, used by the biggest players in the industry (and our PostNord's own tools)

  • Prevent missing or incorrect shipping info (which would otherwise incur fees)

  • Free to use - we only bill you for the shipping you actually send

Features of the Booking API

When building an integration to our Booking API, your developers can make use of any or all of the included features below. Your system or integration will make an API call to PostNord's systems, and trigger actions in our production systems to get your shipments moving.

We also have other free API's for checkouts and shipping management to further empower your shipping workflows.

  • Generate Shipping Orders with the characteristics you need
    Your tools, systems, and workflows can generate an Electronic Shipping Order (EDI) with PostNord, with all the shipment characteristics and information fetched from your other systems, like an e-Commerce checkout or warehousing transfer order. The corresponding shipping labels can be printed and picked up, and shipping that gets sent will be billed to your PostNord Business account. We don't charge any fees per label or per API call, we'll only bill you for the shipments that you actually send.

  • Print labels for shipments via ZPL or PDF
    The Booking API will also generate a shipping label that your team can print with any printer. Your developers can even build automations for printing, such as triggering label prints together with pick lists for your warehouse.

  • Generate shipping QR codes for label-free returns or trade-ins at a service point
    No need to waste paper on pre-printed return labels. Your developers can build a return or trade-in solution that your customers can use to get a pre-paid shipping QR code. All they need to do is show it at a PostNord service point - no printing required. You could also use this for efficient pre-paid shipping for employees in the field to send items back to you.

  • Order pickup of your PostNord shipments
    Pickup is included with most PostNord shipments, and you can use the Booking API to book a pickup. Any PostNord shipments that include pickup can be included in these pickup orders, even if they weren't generated by your Booking API integration.

  • Generate correct customs info (CN22, CN23 and proforma)
    If your shipments go to a non-EU country, you'll need customs forms. The Booking API can notify you when such forms are needed and help generate pre-filled forms for your shipments.

Who should use the Booking API?

  • You want to have shipment booking built in to your apps or tools or workflows.

  • You have specific needs that aren't met by pre-built integrations from our partners.
    We have ready-to-go integrations that don't need coding, find out more below.

  • You have developers on staff or at an agency that can build the integration.
    Our documentation and customer integration team can help guide your developers.

  • You are a PostNord Business Customer.
    The Booking API places orders that will be invoiced to a PostNord Business account, meaning the company ordering shipping need to be a PostNord Business Customer.

  • You have a an interface for printing labels and viewing shipments (TA system), or are willing to build one.
    Our Online Shipping Tool here in the Portal is designed to print shipments ordered through that interface. But you can still use our Track & Trace and other Portal tools post-ordering.
    However, TA system providers, platforms, and partners can use our Shipping Tool E-Commerce API to build integrations that use this interface.

How do we get started?

  1. Sign up for a free developer plan in our developer portal.
    The Customer plan is for single-entity organizations.
    The Partner plan is for integration partners or corporations with multiple legal entities.

  2. Have your developers consult the guides and swagger in the developer portal.
    The guide explains how to sign up for a sandbox plan, to start building and testing!

  3. If you need help, you can get guidance from our integrations teams using the details below.

If you're looking to build an integration for other businesses than your own, get in touch with us first and we can help you as an integration partner.

Want to build integrations for other companies?

Are you a platform provider or a software company looking to build PostNord integrations for other companies?
Contact us below, and we'll discuss how we can support your development and bringing your solution to market.