The Shipping Tool e-Commerce API - Integrate and automate shipping orders

With our Shipping Tool e-Commerce API, your development team can leverage our Portal shipping tools and easily enable shipping selection in e-commerce checkouts, automate shipping workflows, and scale to any size of operations. No need to build a shipping management interface!

What is the Shipping Tool e-Commerce API?

  • An all-in-one integration solution for e-Commerce platform owners and software companies who want to build a PostNord integration for their customers.

  • Lets your dev team build integrations that order PostNord shipping, generating shipments that can be printed and managed in our Online Shipping Tool or in your own interface.

  • Automates shipping orders based on events in your customers' systems, saving time and helping their operations scale up

  • Offers a checkout shipping selector for your customers' online stores - always displaying correct PostNord shipping descriptions and info

  • No need to build you own GUI for managing shipments or configuring shipping options since this is readily available in Online Shipping Tool.

  • Co-develop and co-optimize your integration together with PostNord's integration team and get support in taking it to market.

  • A robust and stable REST API with quick response times

Screenshot of the store overview

Features of the Shipping Tool e-Commerce API

  • Support for e-commerce cashiers/checkouts
    Flexible alternatives for, for example, the selection of shipping and add-on services, priority display of shipping options, delivery times, various payment solutions, and more.

  • Selection of shipping service, delivery options and more in the store checkout
    Interface available in PostNord Portal, to tailor shipping services and shipping costs in the checkout solution based on the value of the shopping cart, weight intervals, receiving country, etc. In-store pickup possible.

  • Support for selectable service points and parcel lockers
    Consumers can choose service points and parcel lockers from a list or on a map at checkout. We also provide opening hours and distance to service points and parcel lockers.

  • Total ETA, including the store’s time to manage the order, with stop time for packaging
    Allows for detailed estimated delivery times at checkout.

  • Order management
    Complete user interfaces are available in PostNord Portal, and through the API functionality is offered that can easily be used in other interfaces too. This applies to all features aimed at consumers, in the shipping selector at checkout, and also to e-tailers and service companies, for efficient booking of shipping.

  • Order synchronization
    Automated or manual synchronisation of shipping reservations to PostNord Portal for further management.

  • Booking and printing shipping labels
    Schedule shipping and print shipping labels in PostNord Portal or an external interface, individually or in bulk.

  • Customs handling
    Integrated in PostNord Portal.

Who should use the Shipping Tool e-Commerce API?

  • You are a company that sells e-Commerce tools or integrations to other companies.
    This API is for PostNord integration partners; For PostNord customers we have our Booking API.

  • You want to offer your customers features or services that allow them to order PostNord shipping from inside other tools.

  • You want to be able to use our Shipping Tool here in the portal as an interface for printing, managing and configuring shipping
    You can offer your own interface for this as well, but we have one ready to go.

  • You have developers on staff or at an agency that can build the integration.
    Our documentation and customer integration team can help guide your developers.

How do we get started?

The Shipping Tool e-Commerce API is an API for PostNord integration partners: e-Commerce platform providers, software companies, TA system providers and other integrators who sell software solutions to other businesses.

Get in touch via the link below and we'll discuss how to best get you started as a. We will provide you with swaggers and documentation, and collaborate with your developers when it's time for testing and optimization.

If you are a PostNord business customer looking to integrate your own tools to PostNord, check out our other API's such as the Booking API or Delivery Options API.