Label Printing

To send a printing job to your printer you need to install the PostNord Label Printing client on a desktop with access to both the printer and the internet. We support both Windows and MacOS/OS with prints up to 200 dpi. Follow the guide below or skip directly to:

Windows Client
Mac OS Client
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Label Printing Support

Skicka Direkt Business supports label printing, and the installation is simple. You need access to a printer and the internet, and we recommend that you print a test page first. We support prints up to 200 dpi.

I have already installed a label printer

Client for PC / Windows
Client for Mac OS

I need to install a label printer

Choose your label printer type

How to Install

Install on Mac

Install on Windows

1. Download the PostNord Label Printing client
Download the latest version of the PostNord Label Printing client, either for Windows or Mac OS.

2. Run the installation program
When the PostNord Label Printing client has been downloaded you can run the program.

3. Accept the license agreement

4. Choose installation location
If you don’t have a specific need to install the client at a location of your choice, use the default location.

5. Choose a start menu folder
Choose if you want to perform additional tasks.
If you install the client on a computer used by several people (especially by several logged in users) it’s best to install it on Windows.

6. Install the client
Click install and wait for the process to finish.

7. Complete the installation
You are now ready to use the client. Click Finish to start PostNord Label Printing.

To log in to the PostNord Label Printing client you need a PostNord Portal Business account – use the same username and password. If you are already logged in to the client the login to PostNord Label Printing is automatic.
If you use Safari web browser you need to temporarily change the default web browser to Chrome ( After logging in you can change it back to Safari.

Install on MacOS / OS X

1. Allow download

3. Click on the downloaded file to run the program

4. Select PostNord Label Printing

5. Click Open

6. Wait while the program is being checked

7. Log in to PostNord Label Printing using the same login you use when logging in to PostNord Portal Business. Once logged in there’s a printing icon in your activity field.