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When you are a contract customer with PostNord, you get access to the portal.
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Log in easier and more secure

One-time code instead of password

Now you can choose to log in without a password! Choose a 4-digit code when you log in and we’ll send you an email with a one-time code. Enter it and log in! The code is temporary, which makes it both safer and easier than typing in passwords.

The password option is still there if you prefer.

Do you already have an account in PostNord Portal Business?

If you already have an account in Portal Business, your company already has access to Skicka Direkt Business, because all PostNord’s contract customers get access to the tool. Just log in to the Portal!

If you do not see Skicka Direkt Business, it may be that you are not logged in, or that you are logged in as a private user (ie you see “Portal” instead of “Portal Business” at the top of the page). Log in with an account linked to your company’s Portal account, then you’re up and running! If you still do not see Skicka Direct Business, it is possible that your administrator has chosen not to give you access to the tool. Contact your administrator to gain access to your account.

Log in to Portal Business

Are you a contract customer without an account in the Business Portal?

If your company already has a customer agreement with PostNord and is not using Portal Business, you can create a Portal account and tie it to your customer number. Use an organization number that is connected to

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