Book shipping easily with Skicka Direkt Business

With PostNord Skicka Direkt Business, you can easily book shipping and send packages online. It only takes a few clicks and you’re done!

As a business customer, you have access to attractive rates and you pay by invoice.

Skicka Direkt Business has several practical functions that help you manage the company’s shipments in a smooth way. You can specify exactly how the delivery should take place. There are also templates for your most common shipping options and the option to export your address lists.

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Simplify the company's shipping with Skicka Direkt Business

With Skicka Direkt Business, you quickly and easily solve shipping to both private customers and companies. Skicka Direkt Business is part of the PostNord Portal Business service, which gives you an overview of everything connected to the company’s shipments.

You need to be a signatory or have a signatory’s approval to become a contract customer. If you don’t have it right now, you can book a demo instead, and we’ll have time to sort it out later.

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How to get a free account:

Step 1

Open an account in the portal. Enter your company’s organization number and we will retrieve the data.

Step 2

Enter your own user details.

Step 3

Sign the agreement digitally using BankID. Now you can log in to start using Skicka Direkt Business.

Book shipping in a few clicks

It is easy to send parcels to both private individuals and companies with Skicka Direkt Business. Choose between packages, half pallets, pallets or cages. As an option, you can, among other things, choose to compensate for the climate, have the package collected and insure your shipment.

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Export your address lists to Skicka Direkt Business

It’s easy to get started with our shipping tool, here you’ll see how to export your address lists directly to Skicka Direkt Business with a few clicks.

Use templates for your most common shipment types

Templates can easily be created in Skicka Direkt Business with the option of choosing which service to use, which sender and receiver to use. In the portal, you can then set permissions for the respective templates, all in order to be able to build up templates for different users in the company.

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Easy returns with QR code

With PostNord Skicka Direkt Business, it will not only be easier for you to send packages – you will make it easier for your customers as well. If a customer wants to make a return, you can send a QR code via SMS or email. Then the customer only needs to show his code on the mobile phone to an agent to have the waybill printed.

Read more about easy returns

Let the customer customize their delivery

With the additional Flexchange service, the recipient receives a message where they can customize exactly how and when they will receive their package. They can choose a specific agent or get home delivery, regardless of what they chose from the start. In this way, you give them an even smoother customer experience.

Read more about Flexchange

Skicka Direkt Business is part of PostNord Portal Business

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Track Packages

Track incoming shipments

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Automatic notifications

Favorable prices for shipping

You who are a business customer and use PostNord Skicka Direkt Business get access to particularly good contract prices for your shipping. In our tool, it is easy to find the best shipping options for letters, packages and goods in Sweden, the Nordic countries, to the EU and outside the EU.

Full overview of all shipments

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see all the company’s shipments in one place? In Skicka Direkt Business, you always have full control of which packages and other shipments are on their way and which have arrived. Filter the list by shipment status or type of product to find the right one more easily among all shipping.

Templates to quickly send packages

Inside Send Direkt Business, you have access to templates that help you send packages and other shipments faster. For example, you can have templates for company packages, packages for agents or consignment notes. With a few clicks, you can easily set up your own template according to your needs.

See how to create a template in Send Direkt Business

Easy handling of address lists

You can easily save all addresses in your address list. Here you can collect both receivers and senders for the packages you send. If you use another shipping tool, you can quickly import addresses using the import function. In addition, you can export all addresses to Excel or CSV.

Frequently asked questions about Skicka Direkt Business

How much does Skicka Direkt Business cost?

It is completely free to use PostNord Skicka Direkt Business. You only pay for the shipment itself and any additional services.

How much does it cost to send packages?

The price of sending a package depends on its weight, dimensions and where you want to send it. You can see the exact price if you go into Skicka Direkt Business and enter the type of shipment.

How can I send packages quickly?

It is fastest and easiest to book shipping through Skicka Direkt Business. If you want to speed up the shipping booking further, you can enter your own templates for different types of packages.

How do I book shipping with Skicka Direkt Business?

Create a free account in PostNord Portal Business and go to Skicka Direkt Business. There you enter the type of package and recipient, pay the shipping, print the delivery note and then hand in the package or book a pickup.

How do I pay with a franking machine?

For those of you who have a franking machine, you can pay your shipping with this instead of with an invoice. Please note that this only applies to freight services that are compatible with franking machines, ie. those you previously used franked payment for in e.g. Pacsoft Online.

Create a new template for the shipping service you need (eg Rek).

  • Open Templates and create a new template.
  • Tick the box for “Pay with franking machine”
  • Set properties for the template and save the template.

Now you can open up your templates and create shipments with postage and other features preset.

For individual shipments, open Skicka Direkt Business and create a shipment.

  • Enter addresses for sender and recipient.
  • When you set properties, select the properties that are correct for the shipment.
  • If your shipment is compatible with franking payment, you will see a box under Additional services “Pay with franking machine”