Send Parcels from your company via the Portal

There are lots of ways for your company to send parcels with PostNord. Discover how to create the parcel sending solution that best fits the needs of your customers and your team.

What can you send with PostNord?

With PostNord, you can send anything from a single envelope to a pallet or part load. We are the preferred shipment provider in the Nordic markets/We ship to anywhere in the world.

Find out more about our shipment types here.

Send your parcels on their way

All shipments ordered through Skicka Direkt Business have pickup options, many of which are included in the shipping price. You can easily book pickup for all your shipments right here in the Portal.

For varubrev, you also have the option to order a recurring pickup of these parcels along with any outgoing mail.

Parcels can also be handed in at a PostNord company service center. Find your nearest service center here.

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Order with our free shipping tool

Set up your System

Business customers in Sweden automatically get access to Skicka Direkt Business, PostNord’s free online system for shipping management (often called a Transport Administration system, or TA-system). Here's how to get access.

When you first get started you just need to set up your sender addresses, then you're ready to start ordering shipping.

Create a Shipping Order

With Skicka Direkt Business set up, you can order individual shipments based on the characteristics you want for your customer. If you already know what shipment type you need, you can create shipment templates for frequently used shipment types or bulk-order multiple shipments via CSV-file.

Prices shown reflect those in your customer agreement. Shipping orders in Skicka Direkt Business will only be added to your monthly invoice once the parcel has been sent.

Print shipping labels and pack your parcels

Now it's time to pack and print. Orders created in Skicka Direkt Business can be printed and reprinted at any time. If you use an order integration to Skicka Direkt Business, those shipping orders generated by your e-commerce system will be automatically shown in SKicka Direkt Business so you can print them from here.

We offer easy printing for whatever printer setup you may have.

Order with an integration to your own systems

If you really want to save time with your shipping operations, our integration partners have built order integrations that generate shipping orders from the systems you already use, such as e-commerce tools, ERP systems or warehousing systems. For e-commerce, this could auto-generate a correct shipping order as soon as a customer buys an item through your checkout. Depending on the integration, you can then print labels from inside your other systems, or handle the printing and tracking from here in the Portal.

If you have specific needs and have developers on hand, you can also build your own integration, using robust APIs to all major PostNord functions.

Order with a 3rd party TA system

If you already use a 3rd party TA-system or consolidator, there's a good chance they already offer PostNord as a carrier. You need to be a PostNord business customer to send through these systems.

Any shipments sent from your customer number(s) will be tracked through tools here in Portal Business, such as Track & Trace and reporting.

Payment, Pricing and Invoicing

As a PostNord business customer, your shipping orders are paid by monthly invoice, all of which are available here in the Portal. Shipment orders are only added to the invoice when the parcel is sent and PostNord makes a first scan.

Pricing is decided by your current customer agreement, which is also available to view in the Portal.

Send a single shipment right now

Our solutions here in the Portal can help your Business handle all its recurring shipping needs.

If you need to send a single parcel right now, and if you’re not a business customer, you can order a single shipment via Skicka Direkt and pay by credit card. You’ll get a QR code; just bring the code and your parcel to your nearest service point and we’ll send it off – no printing needed.