PostNord now offers delivery on Saturdays

Due to higher demands by consumers regarding quick delivery, PostNord is now offering customers Saturday deliveries. Since mid-November, two million households can have their packages delivered on the sixth day of the week. In this article we explain how delivery on Saturdays works, and how it affects you as a business owner.

E-commerce has grown every year since the financial crisis

Since the financial crisis, e-commerce has been on the rise year by year, on average by 15%. During 2020 the growth was as high as 40%, and according to the latest survey from Retail Day on September 21, there are no signs of the growth slowing down.

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The new opening hours of e-commerce companies results in higher demands from the consumers

As a consequence of the increased e-commerce e-commerce companies are now more frequently also working on weekends. The new opening hours have led to consumers requesting more flexible and easily available deliveries. During high season in past years, PostNord have increased their service, especially in the period between Black Friday and Christmas. Because customers are sending more and more packages, the expanded service is the new standard.

By making more days of the week available we can live up to the new expectations of our customers.

The warehouses of e-commerce businesses are more frequently open on weekends. This means that we at PostNord also expand our opening hours. The consumer is expecting great flexibility and access to their purchases. Naturally, these are expectations we want to live up to.

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Around 4 million people will benefit from the new delivery times

During the autumn, PostNord will implement multiple changes to improve customer satisfaction. This will primarily be by simplifying internal processes. One of the changes is that we’re adding more days for home delivery.

Saturday deliveries become available in select areas and cities in Sweden:

  • Select parts of Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö
  • Uppsala
  • Helsingborg
  • Lund
  • Trelleborg
  • Landskrona

Home delivery with the MyPack Home service is now available on Saturdays. PostNord currently also offer Saturday deliveries to agents/collection points using the service MyPack Collect. Saturday delivery to PostNord package boxes is available in the above-mentioned areas.

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Saturday delivery gives businesses an additional sales day and quicker delivery times

In total, 388 agents/collection points will get Saturday deliveries in an area covering roughly one third of Swedish households, in the regions Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm. In practice, this means that all products bought on Friday can be picked up the following day.

Saturday deliveries will give you as a business owner more advantages:

  • An additional day to sell to one third of Sweden’s households.
  • Happier customers who appreciate getting their packages on Saturdays.
  • Shorter delivery times – products ordered on Thursday afternoon or evening are delivered to an agent on Saturday.
  • A competitive advantage over competitors who work with other logistics suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Saturday Deliveries

When did Saturday deliveries begin?

Saturday deliveries were introduced on November 13, 2021.

Does PostNord deliver on weekends?

Currently, PostNord delivers packages on Saturdays, but not Sundays.