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How Postnord Portal Business can support you

E-commerce Manager

How we help your e-commerce

Are you responsible for an e-commerce site? With our PostNord Portal Business tool, you can easily send packages and letters both domestically and abroad.

    • Quickly create waybills and print them instantly
    • Send packages to anywhere in the world
    • Offer flexible delivery options and increase conversions
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Logistics Manager

How we make your logistics more efficient

Are you in charge of your company’s logistics? Then our PostNord Portal Business tool can help you optimise deliveries worldwide.

      • Get a quick overview of all shipments
      • Optimize your shipping costs on an ongoing basis
      • Identify supply chain bottlenecks and create proactive measures
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Customer Service Manager

How we help your customers

Do you work with customer service? Then our PostNord Portal Business tool can help you provide excellent service to your customers.

        • See where the delivery is and give the customer a tracking ID
        • Track packages and automate customer messages
        • Create complaints and returns easily
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Portal features that make it easy to send packages

We'll find the best shipping and price options based on what you want to send

Choose to insure your shipment as an option

Easily add customs documents directly on the screen

You can find all your previous shipments in your account

Three benefits for you as an e-commerce manager

Whether you run a large or small e-commerce business, we have the solutions for you. With Postnord Portal Business, we make sure your customers get their goods quickly, safely and in the way that suits them and your brand!

Create and print waybills quickly

When you use our shipping services, you can spend less time on shipping and logistics. You’ll receive delivery notes immediately after booking a shipment and can easily book a pick-up at the same time.

Our system helps you optimise your shipments, whether they are single packages or whole pallets. You can also choose to connect your business system to the portal and the entire freight booking is done at the touch of a button.

Easily send packages to anywhere in the world

Do you run a global e-commerce business, or do you dream of offering your goods to customers in other countries? Postnord Portal Business makes it easy to book shipping worldwide.

You can easily import addresses into Skicka Direkt Business and save addresses you add manually. This allows you to easily send multiple shipments to recurring customers in different countries.

Flexible delivery options increase conversion

With Postal Portal Business, you can easily offer customers both home delivery and delivery to a retailer. Choose convenient options like climate compensation, express delivery or delivery before 10am. This way, your customers will be able to receive their goods in exactly the way they prefer, or simply in the way that best suits your brand.

Three benefits for you as a logistics manager

When you send something, the recipient wants it quick and easy, and if they change their mind, they want to get rid of the return just as quickly. Postnord Portal Business helps you take care of all your company’s shipping needs.

Clear overview of all shipments

In Postnord Portal Business, you get access to a Track & Trace dashboard where you can quickly see all outgoing and incoming shipments. You can easily get an overview of all sent packages and just as easily identify individual shipments if something doesn’t look right.

Optimize your shipping costs on an ongoing basis

Each shipment is instantly updated with the estimated price at the time of booking. In addition, with clear reports on Invoices, Quality and Complaints in Postnord Portal Business, you can easily ensure that your shipping costs are within budget.

Identify supply chain bottlenecks and create proactive measures

Common challenges for shipments are packing time, lying time and misplaced expectations of delivery time. Postnord Portal Business always gives you an estimated delivery time for each shipment, offers pre-notification to the recipient and tracking numbers so that both you and the recipient can easily identify exactly where the parcel is located.

Three benefits for you as a customer service manager

See where the delivery is with tracking ID

As soon as your parcel is registered with Postnord, the tracking ID will be able to provide information on the location of the parcel. You can send a notification with a tracking link directly to the customer, or use the ID to track the shipments that customers call you about.

Offering tracking ID information to the recipient can naturally reduce the pressure on customer service, as many customers who contact you are mainly expectant and want to know when their parcel will arrive.

Track packages and automate customer messages

Pre-notifying packages is a good way to reduce the amount of time packages are left and to keep the recipient up to date on the location of the parcel. Notifications can be sent by SMS and email, in the languages that suit you. With email, it’s easy to customise the message to match your other graphic profile.

Create complaints and returns easily

If a customer has regretted their purchase, they want you to deal with the return quickly and smoothly in order to remain a satisfied customer. In Postnord Portal Business, you can create returns and complaints directly when you are in contact with the customer. You also always have the option to send a return slip already in the shipment.

Three features that make shipping easier for you

Clear pricing

We’ll find the best shipping rates based on what you want to send. You can add and remove options to customise your shipping exactly the way you want it. For each choice you see the price immediately.

Automated alerts

Tailor automatic notifications via SMS or email. Demonstrate packages and clarify delivery steps to the customer. This reduces the cost of customer service and returns.

Track all packages

Track & Trace gives you detailed information on all your packages. You can easily see where the parcel is and when it will be delivered. In addition, you can see immediately if there are any discrepancies and when automatic notifications have been sent out.

This Video (in Swedish) tells you more about what you can do with PostNord Portal Business

Frequently asked questions about sending packages

How do I access Postnord Portal Business to send packages?

All companies and businesses in Sweden that are contract customers with PostNord can get an account. If your company is not already a contract customer, you simply become one as part of the account creation process.
Easily create an account here.

Where can I send packages?

You can send shipments worldwide with Postnord. Portal Business helps you with everything you need to send packages to each country, from customs documents to notifications.

How much does it cost to send packages?

It depends on how big and heavy you want to send and where you want to send it. Log in to the Postal Portal Business and we’ll help you work out exactly what your parcel will cost. Log in

How quickly will the package arrive after I post it?

You can choose Express delivery, 1 working day or 3 working days for packages within Sweden. For other countries, it depends on the conditions in the specific country. Log in to your account and we’ll help you right away.
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